Generac Gas Power

Prime Rated Gas Power Engines for truly off grid electricity production running on LPG and Natural Gas at the touch of a button 

Prime Rated Gaseous Power Generation

Propane and Natural gas can provide great value by reducing operating costs and emissions.  Designed for off grid and portable applications - Our commitment is to develop the highest quality equipment in order to provide real-world solutions for demanding applications.

  • Optional 110% fluid containment
  • Heavy duty skid mounted design
  • Industrial PSI Engines
  • Distribution systems to fit your application 

A solution that works. Prime power to fuel your operation with gaseous fuels. Gaseous fuels can offer great advantage - easy access and low energy costs create a real benefit for propane and natural gas power. The fuel of environmentally friendly operations - gaseous fuels deliver significantly reduced emissions vs diesel engines. 

Market pricing on propane and natural gas are extremely competitive - and can create reduced operating costs and provide systems designed for prime 24/7 power. 

All units are designed with simplicity in mind - easy access to routine maintenance points - durable sheet metal design with high level of sound attenuation.

Based on project location and design goals we may utilize several strategies to review the application and provide a power system recommendation that is designed to manage several key areas:

  • Fuel Efficiency and Operating Costs

  • Redundancy and Un-Interruptible power

  • Reliable long term service

 The fact is, your required load in most applications changes by the hour - based on your actual power usage. There are periods when you require the full capacity of your power system, but many other hours have reduced power consumption - and the opportunity to scale and combine generators allows available engine capacity to be matched to power demand.


Based on real-world variable loads we utilize advanced synchronizing control systems that will automatically start and stop generators based on current power demand. When loads are light, a single unit may run - if the load increases all units a in a system might need to run